Wednesday, September 7, 2022

Review: Secrets of Mound Gardening by Darryl Scott Whitham

Secrets of Mound Gardening:
Harnessing Nature for Healthier Fruits, Veggies, and Environment 

Author: Darryl Scott Whitham
Publisher: Moonscape Publishing
Pages: 154
Genre: How To, Gardening, Guides, Nature, Non-fiction



Discover the ancient magic of mound gardening and watch it work wonders in your garden!

Your garden is only as good as your technique. If water shortages, excess rainfall, lack of space, or a limited green thumb prevents you from growing the garden you want, a plant and planet-friendly solution could be the key to unlocking a landscape worth envying.
No matter your gardening goals or challenges, you can master this groundbreaking gardening secret learned from history and our best teacher: nature!
Secrets of Mound Gardening is your step-by-step training manual to a proven framework that will benefit your health and contribute to our environment. Have limited time? No green knowledge? No problem. Whether you're a novice or experienced gardener, devoted gardening instructor Darryl Whitham will teach you how to tune into the cycles of nature, reduce waste, and maximize your landscaping space through ancient mound gardening philosophy.
In this guide, you'll discover
  • Easy, practical mound gardening techniques so you can start working with nature, rather than against it.
  • A simple way to produce healthy fruits and vegetables without the hours of labor often needed by conventional gardening.
  • How to enjoy less weeding, soil feeding, and overall work by as much as 80 percent.
  • Lessons passed down from around the globe, including traditional Native American methods, Hugelkultur basics, and raised bed styles from Africa and the Americas.
  • How to grow and harvest your own natural foods, organic produce, and herbs.
  • Design your garden into a beautiful and functional work of permaculture art. Get Secrets of Mound Gardening to improve your garden and the world with wisdom from the ages.
Darryl Scott Whitham has been harvesting his gardening techniques for years. A successful IT systems administrator, author, trained horticulturist, and gardening instructor, Darryl provides simple and instructive methods on how the everyday gardener can become a microfarmer through the ancient art of mound gardening.
Making his home in the rolling hills of northern Virginia, where he also attended college, he combines his gardening with valuable perspectives on wide-ranging subjects—everything from protecting the genetic diversity of crops and conserving native habitats to preserving the environment and endangered species. His cutting-edge approach to permanent agriculture, permaculture, creates a beautiful and sustainable palette for gardening and our environment. An enthusiast for hiking and survival knowledge, Darryl hopes to reconnect people with their natural surroundings and the clever ways nature responds and adapts, starting in our own backyards!

Secrets of Mound Gardening is a book that I think every gardener should read. Beginner through experienced gardeners will find the book full of information and will learn something new. There are so many different techniques discussed with making mounds, how to construct, space and why to pick the mound you need for your situation and area.

I like how thoroughly the mounds are discussed and love the history that is behind the different types. The book also has hyperlinks so that you can research further. I spent a lot of time with these links and learned so much! 

Each chapter starts with a quote and I find this a wonderful addition to the book! Although Mr. Whitham focuses on mound gardening, he doesn't forget why one makes a mound and also discusses plantings, companion planting, growing and harvesting - basically using the mound. I've found this also helpful for any gardener.

If you are looking to start gardening, but don't have much growing area or you have a yard but don't have any way to till it, or maybe you are looking to improve upon what you are currently doing, then this book is for you. It holds so much information in the amount of pages that it has plus the hyperlinks and references will keep you busy long after you are finished reading. This book will be a useful and well used reference in your gardening library that I'm sure you will return to again and again.

I received a copy of this book through BookSirens. I was not required to post a positive review - but one of my honest opinion. 

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