Monday, September 19, 2022

Kitty Counts Her Blessings - Review

Kitty Counts Her Blessings
Author: Kat E. Erikson
Publisher: Kat E. Erikson
ISBN: 9780578999913
Formats: Hardcover, paperback, Kindle
Pages: 36


ONE blessing, TWO, THREE blessings, FOUR—Let me keep counting and go seek some more!

Children are experts at finding delight everywhere they look, even when life gets a little dark. Kitty Counts Her Blessings celebrates that gift—and shares a lesson in counting besides.
As the story begins, Kitty has no trouble counting her blessings, from the sun on her nose to the zing of the bees. But when rain threatens to spoil her fun, finding blessings isn't so easy. Then she remembers learning hide-and-seek, and suddenly joys are around every corner—and before long, so is her boy, ready to play and count along with her.
This cheerful, rhyming book invites children and the grownups who love them to seek the blessings in their own world.
How many blessings can your little one count today?


What at first appears to be a counting book, is so much more. Not only can you teach counting with it, but Kitty Counts Her Blessings, teaches a child to look for all the blessings in life. At the same time, it also reminds the adult who is reading this lovely book, to look for the blessings throughout the day even when it feels like there isn't any.

I have absolutely fell in love with this adorable book!! The whole theme makes you happy and want to smile, and the illustrations are just beautiful! What child would not want to snuggle with you while you read this sweet book to them?! And because this book is so adorable, you will love reading it to your child. 

A must for any parent who wants to not only teach their child how to count, but, also, to teach a child to look for the wonderful things in the world - their blessings!


Kat E. Erikson is a writer of children's fiction. Daydreaming and reading were her favorite pastimes as a child, and little has changed. She used to leave the last page of novels unread, so she didn't have to say goodbye to the friends in the story she'd grown to love.
Her love for animals started early too. While in second grade, she wrote her first "animal welfare" letter, asking a big company to be kinder to animals. And she's still at it, all these years later!
Kat published her first book, Pet-Friendly Francie, during the 100th Anniversary of American Humane's Be Kind To Animals Week and her second book, Dizzy Lizzie, for National Pet Month. Kat is also a graduate of the Resonance Science Academy's Unified Science Course, that highlights the divine connection we humans share with each other, our animal friends, Mother Nature, and the Universe at large.
Kat makes her home in Northern California with her rescue cats, Lizzie and Kimba, who follow her around like dogs and roll on their backs while she writes.

I received a copy of this book through BookSirens. I was not required to post a positive review - but one of my honest opinion. 

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