Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Virtual Book Tour & Review: "Bitter Frost" by Kailin Gow

I am very pleased to be part of this tour. Today, we are hosting Kailin Gow and her young adult fantasy "Bitter Frost" which is the first book of the Bitter Frost series.

Bitter Frost
Author: Kailin Gow
Publisher: The Edge
ISBN: 9781597488983
Genre: Young Adult, Fantasy


All her life, Breena had always dreamed about fairies as though she lived among them…beautiful fairies living among mortals and living in Feyland. In her dreams, he was always there the breathtakingly handsome but dangerous Winter Prince, Kian, who is her intended. When Breena turns sixteen, she begins seeing fairies and other creatures mortals don't see. Her best friend Logan, suddenly acts very protective. Then she sees Kian, who seems intent on finding her and carrying her off to Feyland. That’s fine and all, but for the fact that humans rarely survive a trip to Feyland, a kiss from a fairy generally means death to the human unless that human has fairy blood in them or is very strong, and although Kian seemed to be her intended, he seems to hate her and wants her dead.

My Thoughts:

Imagine dreaming about the same place and same people every night when you go to sleep. Then, when you turn 16, you find that the dream wasn't merely a dream, but a reality - a place where you have been, and a place you have no choice but to return to. What a great start to the perfect fantasy... Or is it?

This is my first novel by Kailin Gow and I promise it won't be the last! She has a wonderful way of capturing the reader from the start and easily transports them to an interesting and fascinating world of  Feyland where fairies, pixies and werewolves exist - a beautiful place where magic is normal and necessary, and a place where humans normally cannot survive.

I must admit, I adored this book. The setting of Feyland, the main characters, the storyline - it was just what I needed for a day of escapism. I was smitten with the main characters. Breena, Kian, and Logan all have qualities that I'm sure every teen will be able to identify with. Breena is a girl who struggles with being unpopular, but still is a strong person. Kian is very easy on the eyes, but somewhat lacks in personality and backbone - or does he? Then there's Logan... the ever dedicated friend that would do anything for Breena. Each character has both strengths and weaknesses that make them realistic and easily someone you can become involved with. You will find yourself rooting for some, not liking others, and even left heartbroken when choices have to be made. It was a great read. I only have one complaint - I didn't want the book to end!

"Bitter Frost" is book one of the "Bitter Frost" series and will make you need want to read the second book to see what happens next. The second in the series " Forever Frost" is due out in September 2010.

About the Author: (from Pump Up Your Book)

Kailin Gow is the multi-published Author of The Shy Girls Social Club Handbook for Dealing with Bullies and Other Meanies and 30 more books for teens and young adults, including The Gifted Girls Series which have been recommended by the Parents Teachers Association, PBS Kids, Homeschooling organizations, and Best Teens Books lists. Her fiction titles for older young adults and adults are: Diary of a Discount Donna (A Fashion Fables Novel), and the newly released The Phantom Diaries and Rise of the Fire Tamer (Wordwick Games Book 1). She holds a Masters Degree Communications Management from USC, and Bachelors Degrees in Drama and Social Ecology from UC Irvine. She is a mother, a mentor for young women, and the founder of the social group for girls age 13 to 19 called Shy Girls Social Club at You can sign up to follow her on Twitter @KailinGow, and can be reached at sparklesoup (dot) aol (dot) com. You can visit her website at

Book was provided by Pump Up Your Book for me to honestly review.

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