Friday, March 19, 2010

Review: The Rewards of Simplicity

The Rewards of Simplicity: A Practical and Spiritual Approach
Authors: Pam & Chuck D. Pierce
Publisher: Chosen - A division of Baker Publishing Group
ISBN: 9780800794774
Audience: Adult
Rating: 3.5 out of 5 stars

Synopsis (from publisher)

Bestselling Charismatic Leaders Offer Timely Guide to Living Simply

In today's fast-paced and technology-driven times, Christians feel stressed out and overly busy. Many are left longing for simpler days, unaware that these days are within their grasp, made possible by getting rid of spiritual and material clutter.

Respected prophetic leader Chuck D. Pierce and his wife, Pam, remind Christians of the rewards of living simply. Together they weave biblical teaching with practical tips that will help readers answer questions like these:

How can I...

• clear out unnecessary clutter in my home?
• overcome anxiety?
• rely on God for my sustenance?
• get free from too much technology and/or entertainment?
• preserve a Sabbath rest?
• free myself from the stronghold of materialism?

Sharing their insights to help readers break free of anything that enslaves them, Pam and Chuck empower Christians, both materially and spiritually, to live a clutter-free life.

My Comments:

First let me say, I really, really wanted to like this book. The synopsis sounded perfect for one wanting to find a simplistic life. I enjoyed Pam's writing style. It was engaging, and I was through her writings before I knew it. She covered a lot of good and interesting subjects but didn't deal with them as thoroughly as I felt she needed to. Yes, I know that one needs to clear out the clutter in their spiritual life before they can take care of their physical life. That was covered pretty well, but the physical clutter needed to be dealt with more. If one has a lot of clutter around, then they really need a more in-depth approach of how to get rid of it. There was a reason the clutter was kept to begin with, and those things needed to addressed more than they were. 

The last half of the book was authored by Chuck. I found it to be more preachy and annoying. Yes, there were good points, but all I wanted to do was get through "his" part. I feel awful saying that, but I got very tired reading about all his health problems and all the references to his past books he authored.

Although there were things that I really didn't like, the book had a lot of useful ideas. It was worth the read, and I did learn a few things. I just wish it were more in-depth with how to achieve simplicity.

This book was supplied by Bethany House Publishers in exchange of an honest review.


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