Thursday, August 4, 2011

" The Treasure of God's Word" - Review

The Treasure of God's Word
Celebrating 400 Years of the Kings James Bible
Compiled by Jack Countryman
Publisher: Thomas Nelson
ISBN: 9781404189768
Genre: Religion, Christian Life, Inspirational

When I removed this book from the packaging, I was in awe with how beautiful it was! The cover is a faux burgundy leather with tooling and gold embossed letters and stitching around the edge of the cover. The pages are printed with brown ink on a brownish faux "antique looking paper" with edges that have gold guilding (like a bible). The whole effect is one of richness.

The book itself contains history of the King James Bible and include pictures of what the bible once looked like. After the history, the book is divided into sections which contain verses that match the sections:  God's Hope, God's Love, etc. There are also parts that include changes that occurred with the times.

This is a gorgeous book that would be perfect for gift giving - a nice inexpensive yet very rich looking addition to anyone's collection. With that said, I was disappointed in the contents of the book. With the description, I was looking for whole pages replicated from the original KJV, but instead was supplied with small graphics of them. I had expected with a 400th Anniversary edition, that there would be a lot more history of the KJV, and not a glorified gift book of verses with some history thrown in.

This book was supplied by the Book Sneeze Program for me to honestly review.

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