Saturday, April 24, 2010

Review: Getting In by Karen Stabiner

Getting In
Author: Karen Stabiner
Publisher: Hyperion
Pub. Date: March 2010
ISBN-13: 9781401322465
Genre: Fiction

Synopsis: (from back of book):

Q: What does a parent need to survive the college application process?
A. A sense of humor.
B. A therapist on 24-hour call.
C. A large bank balance.
D. All of the above.

Getting In is the roller-coaster story of five very different Los Angeles families united by a single obsession: acceptance at a top college, preferably one that makes their friends and neighbors green with envy. At an elite private school and a nearby public school, families devote themselves to getting their seniors into the perfect school-even if the odds are stacked against them, even if they can't afford the $50,000 annual price tag, even if the effort requires a level of deceit, and even if the object of all this attention wants to go somewhere else.

Getting In is a delightfully smart comedy of class and entitlement, of love and ambition, set in a world where a fat envelope from a top school matters more than anything . . . almost.

My Comment:

With one child that just entered college and another starting the process, this book was very easy to identify with. It was a fun and quirky read that I really enjoyed. No, my children aren't going to the elite private colleges, and this makes me appreciate how little I had to deal with through the process we did go through. (Man, and I thought that was bad!)

Getting In is a great book for anyone that has children looking at going to college, starting the process, are in, or have graduated. It's a book that will have you laughing and shaking your head, and really enjoying what you did and didn't have to go through. For those that don't have to worry about facing the college woes, make sure to pick this up so you can appreciate what you missed!! This is a great read for every adult.

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This book was supplied by Wiley of Authors On the Web for me to honestly review.

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