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God's Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture

God's Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture
God's Design for Sexuality in a Changing Culture
A 15 Video Series - approximately 30 minutes each along complete with a leader's guide and participant outline
From Harvest USA

About the Series:

Everyone outside the church is talking about sexual issues—gender identity, same-sex attraction, same-sex marriage—the world’s perspective on these issues has certainly changed over the last decade. So how do you answer questions about God’s design for sexuality for church members and their families? Is your church equipping your people to understand a biblical perspective on sexuality and form a gospel-based response to questions from both inside and outside the church? 
Harvest USA, an organization that has been thinking biblically and redemptively about these issues for decades, has now made available a video series that will help you wisely, kindly, and truthfully help your church to understand God’s biblical design for sexuality and give direction on how to speak the truth in love to the world around us. 
The seminar consists of fifteen 30-minute videos (suitable for use during Sunday school or in small group), downloadable leader guide, and participant outlines that address questions and topics about God’s design for sexuality including the following:

  - Why do we need to talk about sex?
  - Why do we struggle with our sexuality?
  - Is God’s design for sexuality still relevant today?
  - What does the Bible really say about homosexuality?
  - Can you change if you are gay?
  - How can a single person live out God’s design for their sexuality?
  - Understanding gender and transgender issues
  - Pornography
  - How to help the sexual struggler
  - Key steps for raising sexually healthy kids
  - Keeping your kids safe in an Internet world


Harvest USA is a non-profit that has been ministering to individuals and families affected by sexual struggles since 1983. With over 100 years of combined direct ministry experience, Harvest USA staff also seek to equip the Church with their writing and teaching on biblical sexuality and how to help those who struggle sexually.

My Thoughts:

My first reaction to this series is "WOW!" I wish I had had this available to me years ago. This series has addressed so many questions and concerns I've had throughout my lifetime. How much simpler things would have been to have understood God's Design for us - for me. I was raised with no instruction from the Church except when it came to pre-marital classes given by the Catholic church. It didn't cover much except for natural birth control and that was about all there was to the sexuality part.  When Mr. D and I were engaged, we had our counseling session with a Baptist minister and there was no mention of sex at all, just our salvation. So - my education was a book-set from my mother that explained sex and the views of my peers, romance novels, movies and music  - all world views and not Biblical.

I could never really put God together with sex, although he was the one that designed it! It took this course to really open my eyes and see things in a totally different light. It made things so clear - that we are designed to be made for our spouse and our spouse only. It would have been wonderful being taught this from a young age - how sex/sexuality is a gift from God and not something dirty, secretive or never to be spoke about with your Christian peers.

This series covers areas that Christians struggle with: pornography, same-sex attraction, gender identity, keeping our children safe in a world of technology, how to talk to your children about God's Design of Sex, etc. All of these aspects are important to go over for those that struggle as well as those that do not. No one is condemned for having these struggles, but instead are given guidance and support. For those that do not struggle, this series helps to understand and shows how to possibly give help or just a listening ear for those that may have a need.

This amazing series should be offered by every Church. There are so many struggling with the idea of a healthy sexuality in the Christian Church and this would definitely solve quite a few issues. How wonderful it would be to bring up the next generation of our children with the idea that sex is a God given gift to be treasured and excited about and not something that is associated with shame because God certainly can't fit in with "something like that"!

Don't think you have to be head of a Church or group to get this series. It would be a good addition to any Christian home - especially if you have questions, are struggling with things or have children that you'd like to teach how beautiful sex and sexuality is because it is God's Design for us.

I received a digital access of this course from Harvest USA. I was not required to write a positive review, but instead, one that gives my honest opinion.

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