Saturday, December 5, 2009

Earth Is Ours Book Review

Earth Is Ours
by Gary W. Babb
Wandering Sage Publications
ISBN: 1933300639
Audience: Older teen to adult
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars

From the back of the book:

An alien invasion has stripped Earth of all technology, and those that survived the initial destruction in the aftermath must take up swords to fight the giant intruders in the ensuing battles that rage. In the jagged aftermath Levi and Amy struggle to survive in this ghostly hostile new world... but can the shaky union of a female computer essence and a human male be enough? What begins as a conflict of minds soon develops into tolerance, then cooperation and finally love.

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I love a good science fiction story, but most of the time it seems that they are written with the male audience in mind. Earth Is Ours is an exception. Mr. Babb has done a superb job writing a book that will appeal to both male and female! It is full of alien monsters, survival, battles and lots of suspense to appeal to the male, while at the same time, there are friendships and relationships that will appeal to the female. He has created characters with depth and personalities that are believable, lovable and sometimes downright playful, making them very realistic.

The two main characters, Levi and Amy, are an interesting "pair". Levi is an 80 year old Native American who wants revenge. Amy is a computer who has become self-aware. She finds a way to connect with a human, who happens to be Levi, and gives him the abilities to repay the aliens that have inhabited the earth. During this time, Amy and Levi become very fond of each other, and then fall in love. That love can never be real, as she is only a computer essence, and he is flesh and blood, or can it? The book is written from both Levi and Amy's point of view, and masterfully done, I might add. Amy's thoughts and feelings are every bit female!!

The story also contains some sexual content, although not overly done, nor too graphic. In this story, it enhances the believability of Amy and Levi's relationship and how they both handle Amy being and essence instead of a "real woman". Because of the content, I would recommend this book for older teens and adults.

Earth Is Ours is an excellent read full of action, suspense, friendships and relationships where the most unlikely join together to work towards the common good. I had a hard time putting this one down, and look forward to reading book two of the four book series.

Book 1 - Earth Is Ours - ISBN: 1933300693
Book 2 - Target Earth - ISBN: 1425986153
Book 3 - Earth's Warriors - Pending
Book 4 - Genesis Logs - Pending

This book was sent to me to be reviewed by the author Gary W. Babb. Thank you, Gary, for allowing me the pleasure of reading and reviewing your work.

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