Monday, December 28, 2009

Book Review: The Source of Miracles

The Source of Miracles: 7 Steps to Transforming Your Life Through The Lord's Prayer
by Kathleen McGowan
Published by Touchstone
ISBN: 9781439137659
Audience: Teen through Adult
Rating: 2 out of 5 stars


Millions have sought success and happiness in books like The Secret and The Prayer of Jabez, but Kathleen McGowan's The Source of Miracles shows readers that the real secret to creating and sustaining an abundant, joyous, and fulfilled life has been hiding in plain sight -- in the power of the prayer that unites 2 billion Christians worldwide.

True happiness and success can't just be wished for. The real secret to fulfillment lies in using the Lord's Prayer as part of an ongoing spiritual practice that leads to real and lasting change in the soul -- change that will manifest itself in earthly, tangible ways. Each chapter in The Source of Miracles is a guide to one of seven steps in that process, corresponding to a primary teaching of the prayer: faith, surrender, service, abundance, forgiveness, obstacles, and love. Each chapter also includes meditations, affirmations, and other activities designed to help readers work through life's challenges.

In her bestselling fiction, Kathleen McGowan has popularized the world of Christian esoterica, a unique place where New Age and Christianity meet, making ancient teachings new and powerful. The Source of Miracles harnesses the wisdom of those traditions at a time of great material and spiritual uncertainty, when the need for signposts on the road to success has never been more acute.

I was really excited to be asked to review this book, as it is something I'm really interested in. I really wanted to like it, but sadly, it was not at all what I desire in a Christian Self Help book.

Kathleen McGowan is a great writer and she can easily pull you in with her prose. She has a wonderful way with words, and I was pulled in until she started to tell about her visions of Mary Magdalene and a man with long hair, as well as some strange experiences with the Chartres labyrinth that she had. I continued reading hoping that this was just a little bit of oddness that could be ignored, but what I found was when I'd begin to agree with things she'd say, she'd then seem to turn around and correct herself.

Sadly, I cannot give this book any endorsement as I find it certainly doesn't "rightly divide the word of truth" (2 Timothy 2:15) nor does it appear to be all Christian, but a mixture of beliefs that cross over into different religions. If one is looking for a good Christian self-help book, this isn't it, but if one is just looking for a new age type of guidance, you may enjoy it and would probably find some useful information. Sadly, this book had a lot of potential, but was a huge letdown.

"The Source of Miracles" was supplied by FSB Associates for review. Thank you, Julie, for allowing me to review this book!

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