Friday, April 8, 2016

LEADCIN Titanium Stainless Steel Men's Bike Chain Bracelet

The LEADCIN Titanium Stainless Steel Men's Bike Chain Bracelet in high polish titanium stainless steel is a very attractive bracelet. When it arrived, I was impressed by the packaging as well as the quality of the bracelet itself. The chain arrived in a nice gift box and was held on to a soft velvet type backing by two elastic bands. This makes it easy to replace the chain if you want to store it in the box.

The bracelet itself is 8" long and fits my 6'2" son with not a lot of room to spare. He doesn't mind his bracelets that are not so loose, so it's perfect for him. I, on the other hand love loose fitting bracelets, so not only did I try it on, but threatened to keep it. This bracelet is not only for guys - but looks great on a woman's wrist as well.

If you have any bikers in the family, have biker friends, or just know someone that would love the look of something different, then this is the perfect gift to give to them. Make sure that you remember to pick up one for yourself, because when you see this bracelet, you are going to turn around and get one for you anyhow.

This is a lovely bracelet that I highly recommend to anyone - male or female. It's just that awesome!

Disclosure: This is an HONEST review regarding a sample I received for testing purposes. I was not asked nor was I required to write a favorable review.

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