Wednesday, April 20, 2016

Exchange Rate and Trip

Blue Mountains - Three Sisters

I'm beside myself with trying to decide if I should now be going to Australia. The exchange rate isn't looking as nice as it did when all things were set into motion. Unfortunately, because of the amount of time that the divorce settlement took, I lost my roommate. As of yet, I still don't have the settlement money in my account, so I still cannot apply for a Visa until I have proof that I have enough money to go out and stay. Who knows, with the way things are going, I might not be accepted because the amount of money I have isn't enough. This stacked up on top of being alone out there, makes me really antsy, to say the least. 

I do have all the paperwork finished and ready to send to the bank in Sydney. Now, I just have to find out if I can go and if I really want to face a huge city alone. Growing up in rural America and never really being in a big city for more than a couple of days puts me at a disadvantage. Or should I say it makes me a bit terrified. I will admit, I've not done much alone all the time I was married, so this is a huge step for me. Maybe I'm just getting cold feet because I'm facing the unknown alone.

My other option is to stay here in the States and look for a good place to go. I do have 2 options. One would be to go out to the West Coast and be near my daughter or the East Coast to be near my son. Both said they wouldn't mind sharing an apartment with me and it would help them, but I'm not sure if it really would be or if they are just saying that to help Mom out.

So here I sit, pretty much indecisive on what I should do. I need to make a decision soon as my time is running out. I hate this paralyzed feeling and how much I'm flopping back and forth. Hopefully I'll grow up soon and make a decision. Right now there's a whole world of options and I can't figure out which one is best!  

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