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CD Tour/Review: A Place to Belong by Lisa Troyer

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You never know when I might play a wild card on you!

Today's Wild Card artist is:

and the cd:

℗ 2012 LifeWay Worship

***Special thanks to Rick Roberson for sending me a review copy.***


 Radio personality, recording artist, speaker and author Lisa Troyer finds herself heart-deep in ministries that are changing lives forever. Her incredibly successful Circle of Friends women's ministry, formed over a decade ago, is growing in all directions. With ministry and songwriting partner Dawn Yoder, Lisa and her Circle of Friends offer women's conferences, leadership training, counseling services, worship music, life skills classes and marriage/family resources. No matter the outlet or the venue, Lisa uses her gift of encouragement, her influence and her resources to open doors for women everywhere to discover their significance and belonging through Christ.

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Every woman needs acceptance, love and a place to belong. That's the underlying theme of the new music CD, A Place to Belong (Lifeway Worship), from singer/songwriter Lisa Troyer, president of Circle of Friends Ministries. Refreshingly authentic and dynamic, the companion worship CD to Troyer's recently released book, A Place to Belong: Out of Our Comfort Zone and into God's Adventure (Barbour Publishing), tenderly draws women into a place of true freedom and belonging in the very heart of God.

To order go HERE.

Product Details:

$7.92 or $0.99 per song
Genres: Christian & Gospel, Music
Released: Mar 23, 2012
℗ 2012 LifeWay Worship


My Thoughts:

I will admit it - I am a difficult person to please when it comes to women's vocals. I find most have an almost screech quality that disturbs me like two pieces of Styrofoam rubbing together (shudder...). I was hesitant when this album came up for review, but am so very glad I did!

The vocals are extremely pleasant with a nice quality that contains enough of an upbeat quality that makes it difficult to sit still through, but is quiet enough to have a warm and loving sound to it. The background vocals harmonize well adding a nice dimension to the songs.

This album succeeds in making the listener feel the love that God has to give us and does well to make us feel special. A wonderful worship CD that can be enjoyed by all ages!
Highly recommended!

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