Monday, February 22, 2010

Two Awards!! Thank You!!!

My first award comes from Vicki @ Reading at the Beach. Thank you so very much for thinking of me, Vicki!

I now have the privilege of passing on this award to others in accordance with the following rules:

Accept the award, post it on your blog together with the name of the person who has granted the award, and his or her blog link. Pass the award to 15 other blogs that you enjoy. (Okay, so 15 can be a lot to come up with! Pass it on to as many bloggers as you can, up to 15.) Remember to contact the bloggers to let them know they have been chosen for this award.

The following are my choices for truly deserving blogs:

1. Broken Teepee
2. Frugal Plus
3. Great Reads
4. Peeking Between the Pages
5. My Friend Amy
6. The Friendly Book Nook
7. Cindy's Love of Books
8. Creative Madness
9. Freda's Voice
10. I Swim for Oceans
11. Escape Between the Pages
12. Socrates' Book Reviews
13. Redlady's Reading Room
14. Reading on a Rainy Day
15. Heather Webber

The second award I received is called Honest Scrap and is a fun award. It was given to me by Ann Elle Altman of All write with coffee. Thank you so very much, Ann Elle!

The award recipient has to list ten things about themselves that few or no people know about them. Then they choose 7 blogs to pass on the award to.

Ten Things You Might Not Know About Me:

1. I live in a lazy town nestled between the mountains. I never get to see a sunrise or a sunset here.

2. As much as I want to, I've never seen the ocean.

3. I used to be a model stitcher for some well-known cross stitch designers. You may have purchased or looked at a leaflet or magazine in the past that had photos of my work on the cover or in the magazine.

4. I obsessively knit socks, although since my son has gone to college, I haven't finished a pair in more than 6 months.

5. I love to sniff books and yarn. (who said eeeeewwww?)

6. My father was a WWII Veteran that served under General Patton.

7. I dream of buying an old Victorian home and restoring it. Then, when it gets too much to take care of, sell it and retire to a little cabin in the woods.

8. I love cooking with cast iron. Nothing can compare to a good seasoned piece of cast cookware!

9. I love to bake but hate making pie crusts.

10. I think snakes are cool to watch - but I still won't pick one up.

Wow - that was harder than I thought! :)

Now for the 7 blogs this award goes to:

1. Daydreams and Wanderings
2. Wandeca Reads
3. 4 the LOVE of BOOKS
4. Kaye's Book Review Page
5. Westie Therapy
6. minds alive on the shelves
7. Rantings of a Bookworm Couch Potato


  1. Congrats on all of your well-deserved awards!!

  2. Thanks so much for the Lovely Award! I will proudly display it on Frugal Plus :)

  3. Congratulations!! And thank you for passing on the Honest Scrap Award. It's my first blog award. :-D

  4. Thank you so much for the award. It feels good to know someone appreciate the work.

    Congrats to you on the awards, and to the other recipients as well.

  5. Thank you very much! I will get this posted as soon as I can.
    I am very honored!

  6. Thank you so very much! Congratulations on your awards, and it was lovely to get to read more about you! :)

  7. Congrats on your awards and thanks so much for passing one on to me! It was fun to read more about you. How cool that you were a model stitcher. I used to do cross stitch but it's been years since I've stitched. I am a newbie knitter and my goal is to one day knit socks.

  8. thanks so much for thinking of me. Wow on having your cross stitch work as a model--I am impressed! I sniff books too, just love the smell of a book. and I love cooking in cast iron as well. Nestled in the mountains is a good place to be.

  9. Thanks for the mention. And congrats on the awards...I'm gonna go check out the links.


  10. Congrats on your awards and thanks for passing it to me !! :)

  11. Congratulations on the awards! :D

    And thank you for mine as well. It was a very nice surprise!

  12. Thanks for the award. I am flattered.