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Tour and Giveaway - Betrayed by Ednah Walters with Excerpt and Review

Here we are at almost the end of an amazing blog tour with YA author Ednah Walters. Today, she shares an excerpt of  "Betrayed" that I'm sure you are going to love. Make sure you enter the giveaway for an E-copy of Betrayed and also check out and enter Ednah's End of Tour Giveaway. See below for more information.

The Guardian Legacy Book 2
Author: Ednah Walters
Publisher: Firetrail Publishing
ISBN: 9780983429739
Genre: Young Adult, fiction

About the Book:

Lil has come to terms with her life as a Guardian/demon hunter and the wielder of the Nephilim most powerful weapon-the Kris Dagger. She trains everyday to master her growing powers, gets along with her Guardian trainee friends, most of the time, and cherishes the time she spends with her human friends.

Just when she feels she belongs, her nature-bender father contacts her and warns her about a betrayal by someone close to her. Then Bran, the boy she loves, starts to act strange and one of her human friends acquires a supernatural ability. While Lil struggles find a connection between these three things, she begins to realize that someone is manipulating her and will stop at nothing, including hurting those she loves, to lure her to the dark side.

Available at:
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Lil in battle mode

A heavy-set man in tan pants and a navy-blue shirt stood in the doorway. Dark wraparound sunglasses protected his eyes, but I still knew he was possessed. My amulet and dagger reacted to the demon inside him and glowed bright.

“The dagger. You have the dagger,” he growled in a distorted voice, like two people talking at once, his pudgy fingers extended toward me. “It’s mine. Give it to me, dearest child.”

In his dreams. I tightened my grip on the hilt of the dagger, heart hammering inside my chest. I had no idea what the demon’s powers were or whether it was hindered by the body he possessed, but I wasn’t handing him my dagger. I must find a way to kill him without harming the host, which meant no weapons.

“Give it to me and I’ll protect you, little Princess.”

“Protect me from what?” I squeaked, trying to buy time.

“The others—my brothers and sisters who’d use you. The traitorous Guardians.” He took a step toward me then another, his stomach shaking with each step.

I stepped away from him until my back hit the wall. Dang, there was nowhere to go but forward, which meant taking him down. Fat chance of that happening. Although he looked like he hadn’t seen inside of a gym in decades, he was built like a Sumo warrior. Maybe mentioning Valafar might scare him off.

“Do you know who I am? My father will hunt you down if you touch me.”

“No, Lord Valafar will thank me if I took you and the dagger to him. You belong with us, Lilith.”

Anger replaced the panic. “I don’t belong with you! I’m a Guardian.”

“Silly child,” he said, sneering. “You’ll come around soon enough. It’s only a matter of time.” He lunged at me.

I jumped out of the way. He missed grabbing my arm by inches and lost his balance. Instead of going down, he bounced against the wall as though it was made of rubber, grabbed the tail of my hunting coat and yanked. I lost my footing and fell backward.

Arms flailing, heart pounding, I teleported to the other side of the room and slammed my back against the doorframe. Pain shot up my spine. An attempt to break my fall failed because I still held the dagger. I slipped and landed on my butt. Tears stung my eyes as broken glass dug into the palm of my hand.

Heavy breathing alerted me that he was closing in on me. I scooted backward into the hallway, waved a hand, and ripped off the wraparound glasses covering his eyes. Bottomless black eyes caught the light and glistened at me. Revulsion and fear curled my stomach. It was now or never…now or never….

I aimed the Kris Dagger at him and blasted him with light. He screamed and covered his eyes, but it was too late. Eyes were the windows to the soul, and the best way to force a demon from a human host. Light filled his body, making his skin glow. I scrambled to my feet, fingers digging into the textured wall for support.

My gaze stayed glued on him. His screams became gurgles as he convulsed like he had an itch he couldn’t scratch. He dropped to his knees then plopped on his side, body twisting in unnatural positions. Dry heaves wracked his body. Then his mouth opened wide.

The smoke demon shot out of his mouth like lava from a volcano vent.

Lil! Where are you?

Remy’s voice resounded in my head, but I couldn’t look away from the man writhing on the floor, his face contorted. A continuous stream of evilness spewed out of him, then he went still.

The thick smoky mass rippled on the floor and crested like waves in the ocean. The edges spread toward me. Shuffling along the wall, my knees shook so badly I couldn’t turn and run. It rose and expanded. Tentacles flared from dark core. I was beyond terror, chilled, frozen in place as it moved closer and closer.

Lil! You okay?

Yes…no…. My teeth started to chatter. I was about to choke. Become possessed. Dragged to the dark side. I shifted to autopilot, Master Haziel’s words ringing in my head. When ambushed, go down fighting. When in doubt, use your instincts. When defeated, teleport.

The instinct to survive kicked in.

My Thoughts:

The Guardians are back and this time, stronger than ever! Betrayed continues where Awakened left off. With more action, secrets, arguments, a new romance and a betrayal, this book will keep you turning the pages to find out what happens next and to whom.With the air of mystery, I found myself absorbed and trying to piece things together, never believing my favorite character could honestly have been the betrayer. Don't ask who it is, as I wouldn't want to spoil anything...

I really do enjoy Ednah Walter's writing style. I find her storyline captivating and she creates characters that are enjoyable and fun to know. Sykes - oh he's a card that will make you laugh - how could you not love him? And Bran, he's just dreamy with a bit of "bad boy" in him that makes him mysterious. Then there's Lil... The strong and growing more powerful heroine. All of Ednah's characters have qualities you either love or love to hate.

If you haven't read Awakened yet, make sure you do! It sets the stage for Betrayed. You could squeak by and read this as a stand alone, but there's so much you'll be missing out on. If you love Young Adult, Angels, Demons, a fan of books like Twilight (Meyer) or Angel Burn (Weatherly), you will enjoy this series.

About Ednah Walters:

I grew up reading Nancy Drew and Hardy Boys mysteries before I graduated to Mills & Boons (starting with Janet Daily's Shutter the Sky).

I enjoy good love stories, tingly mysteries and wondrous adventures. When I finished college and decided to be a stay-at-home mother, I devoured books like they were going out of production, until reading just wasn't enough. So I decided to teach myself to write fiction.

I've written picture books, contemporary and romantic suspense, biracial/multicultural books, and finally YA fantasy. Most of them are still taking up RAM on my computer. Awakened is the first book in The Guardian Legacy series. It was released in September 2011 with rave reviews. Betrayed (book 2 in the series) was released August 1st 2011. Hunted, book 3 in the series, is due out in March.

When I'm not knee deep in battles between Guardians and demons, I write adult contemporary romance (the Fitzgerald family series), sassy, stubborn and gutsy women anyone can identify with and men anyone would be proud to claim. When not writing, I do things with my family, five children or my darling husband of 19 years. I live in a picturesque valley in Utah, the setting for my YA series.

To learn more about Ednah or see what else she has written, you can visit her website at: http://www.ednahwalters.com/
her blog: http://ednahwalters.blogspot.com
and find her on Twitter: http://twitter.com/#!/ednahwalters

Make sure to visit to enter to win one of these great prizes!
Ednah is having an End Of Tour Giveaway on her blog where she is giving away some AWESOME prizes. To enter, just visit her site at:

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Now, what you've been waiting for... A chance to win an E-book copy of Betrayed. All you need to do is follow the instructions on the Rafflecopter below and enter as much or as little as you wish. Good Luck!

I received an e-copy of this book to read and honestly review for this tour.


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