Saturday, May 29, 2010

Review: "Bad Biscuits & Ugly Women" by Liz Kingston Bettle

Bad Biscuits & Ugly Women: A Roundup of Stories
Author: Liz Kingston Bettle
Publisher: Dorrance Publishing Co.
ISBN: 9781434902634
Genre: Memoir, Family stories

"Now my daddy, the late Duncan Kingston, said he never met up with either a bad biscuit or an ugly woman." What a wonderful start to a fun and entertaining book. "Bad Biscuits & Ugly Women" is a lovely collection of stories from Liz Kingston Bettle's family history. You know the type of stories - those that are shared when family members get together for a picnic or reunion. You'll find stories that are revealing to those that are down right hilarious.

Liz gave her family and others a wonderful gift when she recorded those stories to share not only with her family, but the whole world. She has given an insight of what it was like growing up in her family and shares a part of her Texas upbringing. Be prepared to snicker when you read "Nosy Nellie Gets In Trouble" and nod your head when you read "How to Remember A Name". There are many interesting bits in this book and I found myself hearing some stories not much different than what I heard my family shared when I was young. After reading this, though, I was somewhat saddened that I hadn't written down those stories like Liz did.

About the Author (taken from publisher's website):
A native of Balmorhea, Texas, Liz Kingston Bettle currently lives in Lampasas, Texas, with her husband of forty-five years, George Richard (Dick) Bettle. She graduated from Balmorhea High School and earned a B.A. from Howard Payne University before working as a chef, floral designer, and secondary school teacher. She is now retired and enjoys collecting swan figurines and Indian artifacts.

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