Saturday, September 22, 2018

NetGalley Surprise!

I have been a member of NetGalley for years and have worked with some wonderful publishers from there. I've requested, read and reviewed many of their posted books and will continue to do so.

I was a little shocked the other day as I had requested a book from a publisher and was turned down because of my stats. I didn't understand why, so I started browsing through my account yesterday and came upon a huge surprise - the count of my unreviewed books. I couldn't believe the total and started looking at what wasn't reviewed. Unfortunately, I never checked my tab for books that haven's been reviewed in more than 3 months, because I certainly didn't have any outstanding from that long ago. I mean, I keep up with my reviews. SURPRISE!!! It appears that the one book discussion group I was part of years ago, sent them from NetGalley. It was my understanding that this was just an easy way to send them out and since these were just to be used to have a discussion amongst our private group, no review was required. I guess NetGalley didn't see it that way, because I have to review them, or get them counted against me, which will keep me from requesting certain books I'd really love to review.

You will be seeing books being posted here from times gone by. Even though I've read them, they will have to be read again so that I can post an accurate review and not one that may read like this: "I read it. I liked it. A least I think I did" LOL These books may have questionable content or other matter in them. They were part of a book club and many of them I probably would have never read on my own. These were to broaden our scope of how we looked at things. So, if you don't care for the books that will be posted here from time to time, I do apologize. I have an agreement with NetGalley and my stats at this point can really hurt me.

Thank you for your understanding.

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