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Patricia Raybon's Virtual Book Tour

Welcome to Week #4 of Patricia Raybon's Virtual Book Tour. I am delighted that she has shared with us a beautiful guest post taken from her new book The One Year God's Great Blessings Devotional". I think you'll find it both enlightening and a blessing. What a nice "peek" at her new book! Thank you, Patricia. It has been such an enjoyment to host your tour!

Being Kind—For Myself (Proverbs 11:17)
By Patricia Raybon

Do you celebrate your birthday? Or as my friend says: “What are you doing on this birthday—for you?” She asks me that every year. Still, the question always catches me off guard. What am I doing? For myself?

In the Christian life, which focuses so often on our outreach to others, it can seem un-Christian to do something nice to reward ourselves. Like a dinner out. A relaxing massage. A movie date. A long nap. A short walk. A nice vacation. A new dress. Some new earrings. Or, ah–a brand new pair of shoes.

Indeed, if I think about it hard enough, I could contrive a way to take a break from helping others – just to reward myself. The Bible lets us know such a reward is not only okay, but pleasing unto God. My favorite Biblical moments of Jesus, in fact, are those times when he was doing just that – taking a nap on a boat, fixing breakfast for his friends, reclining at dinner, taking a walk in the mountains by Himself.

Restoring Himself. Renewing Himself. Rewarding Himself. Such actions remind us that it’s perfectly okay with God if we value ourselves enough to give ourselves a gift. But such a gift doesn’t have to cost money. Instead, the cost for such a reward can be the simple act of kindness—to ourselves.

 “Those who are kind benefit themselves,” says the writer of Proverbs 11. (Proverbs 11:17) That’s in contrast, according to that verse, of cruel people – who bring trouble on themselves. The choice seems simple, to be sure. So on this day, choose an act of kindness. But don’t be surprised. The benefits will flow back to the heart that birthed them.

God’s Great Blessings Devotional
Author: Patricia Raybon
Publisher: Tyndale House
ISBN: 9781414338712
Genre: Christian Devotional

Want half a blessing? Or God’s best? Award-winning author Patricia Raybon dares to pursue God’s greatest in her new One Year® devotional, God’s Great Blessings. Join her search for the enriching secrets of a bold Christian life, exploring 52 biblical values and virtues that God blesses not because we’re good but because He’s God. This path is uplifting, challenging, sometimes surprising but always transforming. Get on board with our Blessing God for the life-changing journey.

My Thoughts:

First I really must comment on this devotional's appearance. This has to be one of the most beautiful and aesthetically pleasing devotional I have ever seen. The book fits comfortably in the hand, and the cover is soft and luxurious feeling - like a very soft leather. The title and designed are "tooled" on and the overall appearance is gorgeous. Like all elegant books, it has a ribbon to keep your place.

The pages are simple and elegant. They have a B&W design for the header behind the date and reading. There are 52 sections that start out with a beautiful B&W design with the blessing, God's promise, and a prayer. The sections are broken down into daily Bible readings that focus on the blessing. Each has a reading, the thoughtful devotion and a quote. At the end of each section is a page called "Going Deeper" and has a workbook like appearance that you can write in if you'd like. This page has a Bible reading, questions or comments, and a quote.

I found this devotional not only enlightening, but enjoyable to read. Patricia has a nice writing style that makes this a very nice start to deeper study. This book is one that will be used over and over. Lovely for gift giving as well!

This devotional uses The New Living Translation as its primary source of quotes. Other versions are used and marked throughout.

About the Author

Award-winning writer Patricia Raybon is author of two critically acclaimed books, “I Told the Mountain to Move” and “My First White Friend.” Her personal essays have appeared in the New York Times Magazine, Newsweek, USA Weekend, Charles Stanley Ministries’ In Touch Magazine and have also aired on National Public Radio. She writes full-time on life-changing faith. Visit Patricia’s Website at:

Bound for Glory (Coming November 1, 2011)

This powerful gift book is inspired by a stunning collection of calligraphic paintings by world-renowned calligrapher Timothy R. Botts and featuring reflections in verse by award-winning author Patricia Raybon. The book’s 52 paintings are visual interpretations—in words and pictures—of African American spiritual songs. These amazing songs are an important part of our American heritage, and they continue to give us hope in the face of life’s many challenges. The book also includes 52 reflective readings from Botts and African-American writer Patricia Raybon. It also includes lyrics from the spirituals along with inspirational Scripture verses from the New Living Translation

My Thoughts:

There is not other word to describe this book except stunning. The artwork is beautiful and mesmerizing. You pick it up and the next thing you find is you are lost in both the artwork and the hymns. This is certainly a book of celebration and the art expresses the hymns very nicely. As with the "One Year Devotional" that Patricia authored, she has written some beautiful and thoughtful pieces that compliment and seems to complete the book. This is a feast for the eyes and soul!

For the complete tour schedule and LIVE Radio schedule, please visit:

I received both books for this tour so that I could give an honest review.

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  1. So glad you enjoyed both books. Thank you for being a host today on Patricia Rabyon's Virtual Book Tour. Have a Blessed week! Ty



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