Friday, November 6, 2009

A Journey Forgotten Book Review

A Journey Forgotten
by Emily Noll
Rating: 5 out of 5 stars
Audience: young adult to adult who loves a good adventure

Conner Anderson is a writer who has always been lucky to be able to easily put his stories down on paper. That is until he was under contract to write his 4th novel and came down with a serious case of writer's block. While trying to clear his head and find inspiration, Conner has an accident that puts him in the hospital. When Conner wakes up, he finds himself in a metallic room - aboard a spaceship. He discovers he is a Captain of a ship that was destroyed and he and his surviving crew members were rescued. Conner struggles with his new identity - or is it his "real" identity and being an author is just a dream? Trying to find himself leads him on his most important mission... taking on his role of captain to discover what the threat was that destroyed his ship on his last voyage.

What a delightful read!! I had a difficult time putting it down as I really wanted to figure out what was real and what was just a dream. I figured it all out, or so I thought, until the end.... OHHHHH!!! I never would have guessed the ending! I absolutely loved the storyline and the ending far from let me down. An excellent read for anyone who loves a good adventure. My teens are really looking forward to reading this one now that I'm finished.

Now to look for more books by Emily Noll. I just loved her writing style!

Book was won from the First-reads program on Goodreads. Thank you for listing this, Emily!!

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  1. This looks really interesting - I havent heard of this book before.