Sunday, January 1, 2012

Out With the Old

Happy New Year !!!

First I want to wish all a happy and prosperous new year. I hope that you have nothing but happiness and blessings as we look forward to a new beginning  :)

I cannot believe that 2011 is over and a new year has begun. I'm so happy for a new beginning and that the slate has been wiped clean. If you have been following this blog for any length of time, you will know that we've faced a few challenges - the last one being the loss of my husband's job. His last day was Friday and after 24 years of service, he is quite at a loss of where to turn next. One thing that is facing him is a career change and probable relocation. That both excites and terrifies him. He's not a spring chicken any more, and he's concerned what employment opportunities are out there, what he's qualified for, and what factor his age is going to have on everything.

With hubby home, we will be sharing the PC a lot as he/we look for work and other opportunities. So what does that mean for Just One More Paragraph? Hopefully, there won't be a change. This blog has been my sanity through the loss of family members and friends, illness, and "empty nest syndrome". It only seems natural it will continue through our next challenge of our lives.

So here we stand - jobless, 2 children in college, and facing a world of unknowns. Am I scared? To be completely honest... no. This is exciting! The sense of freedom is overwhelming. We can go anywhere and do anything. This time when we start over - there are no ties to keep us in this area. I've never known this type of freedom before. Mind you - I am looking at this whole mess with rose-colored glasses on and someday I'm bound to take them off. But until then, I am really looking forward to this change.


  1. Happy New Year to you and to your family, and I hope that 2012 brings you lots of exciting changes as your husband looks for a new direction!

  2. Good luck in 2012 and may you have all you wish for this year!

  3. That's a great attitude to have! I wish you all the best in 2012 :)

  4. Great attitude and it will all turn out fine...I feel it!



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