Tuesday, November 5, 2013

Scott Stapp: Sinner's Creed & Proof of Life

In conjunction with Tyndale Publishers, today is an exciting day abuzz with the release of Scott Stapp's new album "Proof of Life"! As many know, Scott was/is the frontman for the band "Creed". A band that was rumored to be a "Christian" band although the members greatly denied the label. Instead, Creed was a band that played rock music but many of the lyrics were Christian based.

I enjoyed Creed's music and followed the group years ago, knowing about Scott's problems and heard many rumors, wondering what was true. I was saddened when they split and when the band moved on without Stapp, I was disappointed. However, the new group appeared to be open to the issues, never seemed to badmouth Scott and I was impressed. They moved on, made some great music, and after a time, wounds healed and Creed reunited for a fantastic album, "Full Circle".

In Scott's book, "Sinner's Creed", he lays his whole life out on the line. He divulges so many things that make one realize how difficult and confusing life must have been for him. He did his best, but even his best wasn't good enough at times. That message came through time and time again and explained how he ended up losing his frontman position with Creed.

I enjoyed Scott's candor and honesty. He laid it all out there and one cannot help but feel empathy and for this man. The discussion of life, abuse, loss, fame, addiction, recover and love is powerful, but his most powerful message was when he gave his all over to God. Then the real healing could and did begin.

I was a but confused by some of the comments that Scott made about how he felt the band abandoned him. He admitted to his addiction, but it seemed he wasn't getting why he was left behind. I don't know if this wasn't stated correctly by David Ritz or if Scott was truly clueless. I can't imagine the latter, but that's how the message seemed to be conveyed.

Throughout the book, Scott gives insights on how the songs were developed - how and where he got his inspiration from. It's truly an enlightening story that is well worth reading, not only by fans of Creed or Stapp, but by those that want a story of how God can work in one's life when we finally give Him a chance.

And now, the reason for today's posting... Scott Stapp's new album: "Proof of Life".

"Proof of Life" is in my opinion, the best work Stapp has ever done. He has appeared to have matured and found his "real" sound. The album starts out with "Slow Suicide" (video below) and a second song that is reminiscent of Creed's sound - a heavier sound, but as the album progresses, Stapp explores different genres and seems to sparkle and shine with these new sounds.

I truly enjoyed this album and have actually come to the conclusion that Stapp is much better without Creed as this album shows.  I wasn't sure how I was going to feel about "Proof of Life" after his last solo album, but this really showcases his ability.

Scott's lyrics are powerful as the album winds through his story. I will admit, I'm not enthusiastic with "Jesus was a Rockstar", but looking at the album as a whole complete journey, one "gets" the meaning. Many of the songs are catchy and stick with you long after the album is over. I've been trying to decide which is my favorite song and I am leaning towards "Crash" for both the sound and lyrics. It has a country (or a soft rock sound of the late 70's/early 80's)  flavor to it - I find myself humming it a lot. Wait - maybe it's "Dying to Live", or...

This album will appeal to many because of all the different genres that Stapp explores as well as his meaningful lyrics.

Track listing:

1. Slow Suicide
2. Who I Am
3. Proof of Life
4. New Day Coming
5. Only One
6. Break Out
7. Hit Me More
8. Jesus Was A Rockstar
9. What Would Love Do
10. Crash
11. Dying to Live

***Special thanks to the Tyndale Blog Networ for sending me a review copy of both "Sinner's Creed" and "Proof of Life". Please note: I was not required to write a positive review of either item, but instead, a review that reflects my own thoughts and opinions.***

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