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Mornings with Jesus 2012 - Litfuse Tour & Giveaway

About the book:

"Be still and know that I am God.” is one of the most beautiful verses from the Bible, but it’s not easy to practice in this busy world. Mornings with Jesus will help you do just that—“be still” in Jesus’ beautiful and powerful presence. For those who are seeking a deeper experience in their relationship with Christ, Mornings with Jesus offers a fresh perspective of who Jesus is (the Healer, the Son of God, the Comforter, the Good Shepherd) and what that means for day-to-day life. With a warm and friendly voice, 365 short devotional writings on the character and teachings of Jesus encourage readers to greet each day by drawing near to Him and inviting His presence into their day. Spend time with Jesus at the beginning of each day and experience His nearness and peace in a new way throughout the year. Each day’s selection includes: • a Bible verse • an entry based on Jesus: His words, miracles, and parables; His wisdom, compassion, and comfort; His mystery, power, divinity, and humanity • a “faith step” that will inspire and challenge readers to apply the day’s message to their lives.

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My Thoughts:

I'll admit, I'm one that prefers to curl up with my Bible at night instead of starting off with some readings in the morning. Mornings always seem so rushed and makes it almost impossible to have time to read and get something from what I'm reading.

"Mornings with Jesus" offers a Bible verse, a nice short devotional and a Faith Step that may challenge the reader to apply the reading throughout their day. Unlike many of the devotionals that I have read, this one is written by seven well known and loved authors: Tricia Goyer, Judy K. Baer, Gwen Ford Faulkenberry, Sharon Hinck, Keri Wyatt Kent, Camy Tang, and Erin Keeley Marshall, giving it more of a personal feel - like chatting over a cup of tea with a friend.

This book is designed to read one devotional a day and each are dated, but in the back there is also an index by subject. This is nice for those that need to concentrate on something at a particular time. This makes the devotional even more personal and possibly more useful when you really need that extra help.

Those that follow my blog know that my husband was let go from his job of 24 years due to downsizing and eliminating his position. This has been a real time of change and one day in particular, we were struggling with the news of how much health insurance will be running on top of everything else. That meant we had to cut back even more than we have been. I needed my devotion to address my situation, so I went to the index and found an entry written by Kari Wyatt Kent addressing the subject of economy (Tuesday, Oct. 9). Keri addresses pruning unneeded items from your life. With less "stuff" to focus on and fill you life with, you will have more compassion and will be more likely to rely on God and pray more.  This was fantastic and exactly what I needed to read that day!

I love reading the entries by the authors every day, but I don't care for the use of different versions for the Bible quotes. I prefer a one version focus and when a book/writer does this, it feels like the version that is used matches what the author wants to say more than the author matching their thoughts to what the verse says.

In conclusion, this is still a very nice devotional and gives a nice start to each and every day! Please note - this is not designed to replace your regular Bible study/reading.

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Win a copy of Mornings with Jesus

Guideposts was generous and sent me two copies of this book - one to review and one to give away to one lucky reader. If you would like to add this beautiful book to your library, please fill out the form below. Please note that since I am mailing the book personally, I will need to keep my costs down - so the drawing is only open to those who live in the US. Drawing ends Feb 12.

I received a copy of this book to read and honestly review for this tour.

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  1. Hi Tweezle. Thanks for hosting the giveaway for this book. I love Christian devotionals and would love to get a chance to win this one. I'm a new follower to you blog. What a reader you are!

    I hop you'll stop by and visit me too. I'm also hosting a couple of giveaways now.

    Hugs...Tracy @ Cotton Pickin Cute



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