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Virtual Book Tour & Review: "Beautiful Malice" by Rebecca James

We are returning today with Rebecca James' "Beautiful Malice" Tour. Rebecca was born in Sydney and spent her twenties teaching English in Indonesia and Japan. She currently lives in Armidale, Australia, with her partner and their four sons. She was kind enough to sit down and do a Q&A with me. If you missed it, you can find it here.

Beautiful Malice 
Beautiful Malice
Author: Rebecca James
Publisher: Bantam Books
ISBN: 9780553808056
Genre: Fiction, psychological thriller, suspense

About the Book (from PUYB):

An international sensation that The Wall Street Journal called a “publishing phenomenon,” this layered, poignant, and chilling novel of psychological suspense is the year’s most stunning American fiction debut. From its wrenching opening to its shocking climax, Beautiful Malice unfolds a haunting story in which people, motives, and circumstances are never what they seem.

Who is Katherine Patterson? It is a question she hopes no one can answer. To erase her past, Katherine has moved to a new city, enrolled in a new school, and even changed her name. She’s done the next best thing to disappearing altogether. Now, wary and alone, she seeks nothing more than anonymity. What she finds instead is the last thing she expected: a friend.

Even more unlikely, Katherine’s new friend is the most popular and magnetic girl in school. Extroverted, gorgeous, flirtatious, and unpredictable, she is everything that Katherine is not and doesn’t want to be: the center of attention. Yet Alice’s enthusiasm is infectious, her candor sometimes unsettling, and Katherine, in spite of her guarded caution, finds herself drawn into Alice’s private circle.

But Alice has secrets, too—darker than anyone can begin to imagine. And when she lets her guard down at last, Katherine discovers the darkest of them all. For there will be no escaping the past for Katherine Patterson—only a descent into a trap far more sinister . . . and infinitely more seductive.

My Thoughts:

Hold onto your hats, as this is one book that will take you for a ride through a sick and twisted relationship and friendship. It will keep you on the edge of your seat guessing and wondering why all the way to the end - an ending that I just didn't see coming! This story is complex and downright bone-chilling and after you finish, it will have you looking at relationships just a bit differently - especially the easily made ones.

Rebecca James is definitely a master at weaving this story of psychological suspense. It's so well done that I wondered exactly where she got her influences from as it felt quite real at times. Both the storyline and the characters were very well done and quite believable. Katherine was naive and lonely enough to allow Alice to become so close so quickly. Alice was crafted so well that she made you wonder why, and Robbie was hurt enough to make the triangle work.

Ms. James is certainly an author to watch. Her writing is both captivating and memorable. I know this book will be one I won't be forgetting any time soon. I'm looking forward to her next novel "Cooper Bartholomew is Dead" which is another psychological thriller.

About the Author:

Rebecca was born in Sydney and spent her twenties teaching English in Indonesia and Japan. She currently lives in Armidale, Australia, with her partner and their four sons.

If you missed  my Q&A with Rebecca, you can find it here.

Make sure to visit Rebecca's website where you can find more about her and her book "Beautiful Malice". You can find it at

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  1. Isn't the story just creepy? I read this while I was on vacation and couldn't believe how it all turned out. I'm glad you enjoyed it.

    Thanks for hosting Rebecca today.




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