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"Jazz, Java & Jesus" by Aleysha R. Proctor - Blog Tour & Review

Jazz, Java & Jesus: Christian Devotions to Soothe Your Soul
Author: Aleysha R. Proctor
Publisher: Xlibris
ISBN: 9781441574350
Genre: Christian, nonfiction, devotional, studies

About the Book

Twenty-four Christian devotions and puzzles about jazz, java and Jesus. The perfect book to take to a coffee or tea house, or anywhere, and meditate on the promises of God.

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My Thoughts:

With a catchy name like "Jazz, Java & Jesus", how can one not resist picking this book up? Because of that title, I decided to have a look at this book. I'm not a big one for devotionals - they seem all "fluff" and a quick thought of just getting that Bible reading in for the day with no real substance. Yes, I'm a real hard sell when it comes to this category of book.

"Jazz, Java & Jesus", although listed as a devotional, is so much more. I found Ms. Proctor's writing style engaging and personal. She starts with a forward that explains how the title of the book came about, and then settles down to deliver a nice message with each entry. Each entry is thought provoking with quite a bit of scripture, and will start you off to want to continue on studying your Bible. At the end of each section is a place for notes - a very nice addition to the book!! One of my favorite sections concentrates on the names of Jesus and I'm planning on spending a lot of time on that section. Another nice bonus are the puzzles at the end of the book. Unfortunately, the printer didn't do as good of a job on them as I'd like to see. They are a bit fuzzy and not crisp like the print in the rest of the book and look more like they had inserted a scan.

This is a wonderful book and I will be using it a lot in the future. Unlike other devotionals that I've tried that sit around on my shelf collecting dust, this one will be written in, creased, and will probably find a coffee stain or two before I'm done using it.

Note: I cannot find what version is used for scripture - nothing is noted. I only found a couple of places where a credit to a particular version is used. I have compared this to my King James Bible, and the scripture wording is different.

About the Author:

Aleysha Proctor is an award winning Christian inspirational author & entrepreneur. She’s the author of three books; “With Style & Amazing Grace”, “He’s the Keeper of My Soul” and “Jazz, Java & Jesus”. Her passion in life is helping to inspire people to use their potential now. To learn more about Aleysha, you can visit her online at

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I received a copy of this book from Tywebbin Creations LLC for me to honestly review.


  1. Hi Tweezle!

    Thank you so much for hosting me today! And thank you for sharing your thoughts - I appreciate everything that you said. (I use the New King James Version of the Bible).

    Thanks again and God bless you,
    Aleysha Proctor

  2. Thank you for introducing your readers to JAZZ, JAVA and JESUS by Aleysha Proctor.



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