Tuesday, July 13, 2010

Virtual Book Tour & Review: "David and Goliath" by Bryan Hathaway

David and Goliath: The Guardian Angel Chronicles
Author: Bryan Hathaway
Publisher: WinePress Publishing
ISBN: 9781606150153
Genre: fiction, Christian fiction

About the Book (from back cover):

"David Liberty is a broken, lonely, and embittered old man. With his mind still intact but trapped in a physically failing body, doomed to spend his last remaining days in a nursing home, David welcomes his impending death — his escape from life.

All that changes when he is visited by an angel, Joelle, who confronts his past failings and offers David a second chance at life. At first David scoffs, but the chance to renew his body and live again intrigues him. But there is an extraordinary condition: “You will demonstrate to God through your actions that you believe and love Him,” Joelle announces. David must help others reignite their faith so they do not lose their eternity. Faith with works, David soon learns, is a living faith.

Temporarily escaping the walls of his nursing home, David is thrown into the lives of people he begins to care deeply for. He hopes to reunite them with God, but he discovers another obstacle — the angel has removed David’s ability to speak. His actions alone will define who he is. In addition, David must fight a powerful enemy, who seeks to destroy God’s children any way he can — and David, as well!"

My Thoughts:

Books about spiritual warfare are far from new, yet when I sat down to read this one, I knew it was different. From the beginning Mr. Hathaway captures your heart with his main character, David. David was a successful speaker who taught others how to be successful, but along the way, he lost everything he cherished: his son, his marriage, his youth, his health, and God.

This book has pulled me through many emotions from crying one moment to laughing the next, and then sitting on the edge of my seat to see who succeeds as each of David's tasks becomes more difficult. This was a difficult book to put down, and will be even harder waiting for book two to come out!!! Mr. Hathaway has definitely caught my attention with this first book of his series. He is one author that I'm going to keep on my watch list.

About the Author:

A physical therapy clinic and fitness center owner, Bryan Hathaway has dedicated his life to helping people heal. To reach individuals at a spiritual level, Bryan has taken his knowledge of scripture and love for fiction and combined the two in his own series of novels, The Guardian Angel Chronicles. Recipient of “The small business of the year award” in 2003, Bryan speaks at local schools and churches on subjects like: “Winning in sports and winning in life,” and “Success after school.” His speaking topics are all inspired by tragedies in his own life where he learned firsthand about the fragility of life. Bryan enjoys his family and faith, the outdoors, sports, physical fitness, writing music, and a good philosophical debate. The Hathaways reside in upstate New York.

To learn more about Mr. Hathaway, you can visit his page at: http://www.bryanhathaway.com/

Book was supplied by Glass Road for me to honestly review.

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